Guide to choosing a tablet

Tablets come in handy, somewhere between a laptop and mobile phone and most times it combines both features in one device. It is more portable than a laptop. Most tablets are light-weighted hence it can be carried about easily, it can even fit into a purse.

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Memory and Storage

The RAM is the main memory of the computer and it works hand in hand with the processor to enable speedy execution of commands. This means having a sizeable RAM to match your processor speed and type is very important.

One essential function of the Personal Computer is the ability to save and retrieve information. We all want to save as much documents, photos and videos as we need. Continue reading


If you are currently in Nigeria and want to purchase a new laptop, there’s a great tendency that there is a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Operating System pre-installed. But if you decide to purchase a freeDOS laptop because it’s cheaper or maybe you intend running a different kind of OS in it, then you need to purchase OS software and install. Continue reading



You may have seen two or more laptops that look exactly same, sometimes with similar name and model but different prices. The price difference could be as much as 80,000naira ($220) and you wonder if one person had been cheated…? No. This is only an indication that the cost of a laptop goes beyond the physical look and feel of the external Continue reading