Cyber Monday: For Real or a Scam

Talks about how e-commerce sites in Nigeria inflates prices of goods in their websites days to Black Friday, just to give a few discounts to qualify products for a black Friday sales is no more news. With the economy of the country, some sellers don’t have much of a choice when given discounts.

Cyber Monday is a continuation of Black Friday, which is supposed to be specifically for sales of electronics and technology products. With the current confusion and disappointment brought about by most black Friday sales, should we still look out for any valuable sales on Monday?

The answer is yes, just look in the right direction, as I will be given some tips on good purchases and where to get them.

More about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is an annual shopping event and certainly one of the biggest in the world. It takes place on the Monday after black Friday, this year’s Cyber Monday falls on November 26th. Though its main focus was on discounted sales of electronics and technology product, recently it has widened to cover fashion, grocery, and all sorts of home equipment online stores. Most interestingly is the idea of some shops to extend their sales all week given rise to a Cyber Week while some all hold their discounts for twenty four hours. So get ready as some of these sales will last right into December, but start shopping now because you can never tell when that perfect sale will end.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become well known in Nigeria since 2013, with the rise of ecommerce store like Jumia and Konga, but even before them most of us have enjoyed shopping on other international e-commerce site which offer delivery to Nigeria. So this year, don’t limit yourself to the local shops if you are already feeling disappointed try sites like ebay, amazon and as they really have wonderful offers. Some offer free shipping for certain products, just verify that your chosen product is available for shipping before payment.

Links to some of the best Cyber Monday 2018 deals happening now;









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