Guide to choosing a tablet

Tablets come in handy, somewhere between a laptop and mobile phone and most times it combines both features in one device. It is more portable than a laptop. Most tablets are light-weighted hence it can be carried about easily, it can even fit into a purse.

While looking to buy a tablet, there are some essential features to look out for. Personally I am concerned about processor type, screen size and weight, manufacturer, battery type, battery duration and very important and influential is the cost. Well I can buy a very expensive tablet if only it is worth it by the features it comes with, also I need to be sure I need the extra features that makes it costly.

Processor type determines the speed and your device’s ability to multitask. The better the processor the fewer tendencies that your device will ‘hang’, this also determines if you can download and run very powerful applications in your device.

Screen size matters because I will want to be sure that I can read mails and documents easily without having to often scroll left and right the screen or zoom in before going through a document or web page. But I don’t want it too large, just sizeable enough to fit into my bag. Sometimes the screen size affects the weight, but not always.  Some larger devices might be heavier (but that is not always the case) as you can still get large size screen (8 inches above) as slim and light weight.

Manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are popular and expensive but there are some good and cheaper alternatives from manufacturers like Tecno, HTC, Innjoo, Acer, Lenovo etc. I have been using a Samsung galaxy tab for a couple of years now, compared to apple it is more flexible and has a higher compatibility. It allows sharing and easy accessibility from other devices and platforms, which is something Apple doesn’t offer.

Battery type/duration: so if a tablet device is meant to be mobile, we all need a device we can use for days if possible without constant charging. Be it in transit, camp or at the mall. Getting a tablet that can last upto 36 hours on idle mode and 12 hours on average use will be ideal.

Cost is a major factor to consider as it is proportional to most of the features earlier discussed. But don’t let it hinder you from getting the right device. You can get all this good features by opting for a more affordable manufacturer. If you are strictly on a budget then try tecno or Lenovo and avoid Apple, Samsung and Microsoft as they are usually expensive though valuable.

Note: make sure to get a tablet with radio/cellular. It is more ideal and versatile especially for networking and connectivity.


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