Cyber Monday: For Real or a Scam

Talks about how e-commerce sites in Nigeria inflates prices of goods in their websites days to Black Friday, just to give a few discounts to qualify products for a black Friday sales is no more news. With the economy of the country, some sellers don’t have much of a choice when given discounts.

Cyber Monday is a continuation of Black Friday, which is supposed to be specifically for sales of electronics and technology products. With the current confusion and disappointment brought about by most black Friday sales, should we still look out for any valuable sales on Monday? Continue reading



I remember organizing a motivational and empowerment seminar tagged with the title of this post. Now, years later I’m thinking about the success of the program and what really that caption meant to me and the intended audience. Though majority of my audience were teenagers, I never really thought much of this program at that time aside the fact that I wanted to impart knowledge on these kids and help prepare them for the Continue reading