Internet of Things: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

iotIndividuals and Organization make use of small and large networks on a daily basis, most of which are connected to the internet. These days, not only are computers and devices connected to the network but we have electric grids, transportation and smart health care systems, even more gadgets such as smart watches and televisions, all coming together to form the Internet of Things (IoT). With the high rise in use of mobile devices during the past half of a decade, this has given way for smart phones and more gadgets to connect to the internet. The more devices we have connected the more the issue of security and privacy needs to be addressed. The security and privacy of individuals and organizations are of optimum concern and must be put into consideration right from the design of these networks.

The Internet of Things is an admirable and innovative concept, as a result it gives way for devices which were formerly taught to be incompatible and not-connectable to the internet to be today part of this worldwide connection. There are new and exciting possibilities with the rapid growth and adaptation of the Internet of Things, every device seems to work better and more efficiently when connected to the IoT.

Not only have consumers found the IoT advantageous, so also is the Enterprise trying to adapt IoT in every level of operation and management, giving great rise to the Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT).

As thousands of devices connect daily and millions of data are been shared over this network, Organizations may become more dependent of the IoT to deliver and receive services for convenience and swift. Organizational networks and data are at the risk of exposure and vulnerable to security breaches of over a million trial per day, with a very high rate of success. Securing Enterprise network just got a bit tougher since they directly or indirectly interact with the internet. Both internal and external security is required for adequate safety and privacy.

Organizations connecting to the Internet need to know that their network and devices are secure, and that all communications over the net is safe.


2 thoughts on “Internet of Things: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

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    I will contact you soon.


  2. Anonymous March 12, 2019 / 4:32 pm

    Nice post, I would like to know more about IoT.


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