Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

Digital Skills have become very essential to Organizations, job seekers and even the self-employed. It’s not debatable that every individual needs digital skills and should get them at all cost especially now when it is relatively free and cheap. You don’t need a University education to acquire these skills, all you need is the willingness and time to stay online. 

So many persons have been asking for the best places to learn Digital Skills (programming, web development, database and spreadsheet application etc.) online. For those who are ready to start learning and acquiring new skills, here are some top online learning platforms that will surely give you what you need, like I said earlier some are absolutely free like Code Academy, Coursera and edX while others come at an affordable cost such as, Udacity and Udemy. The list below is not necessarily in any order of ranking, they all have their pros and cons depending on the User’s need and preferred learning environment. Some offer video tutorials, Q&A sections, Interactive platforms for Students, while others may have practical sessions which is ideal for those learning how to code.
1. Codecademy

This is a great Online learning platform which is absolutely free and suitable for beginners. I signed up several of my students for this while they went on holiday to keep them ‘hands on code’ while enjoying their stay at home. Your registration to code academy is free, courses are also free. Code Academy offers twelve different programming languages for free on their platform. There is already a support group here that helps motivate you so you can learn at a faster rate.
2. Coursera

An Online learning platform that partners with top US Universities to bring you a lot of free and cheap IT courses, from programming to machine learning and Software application tutorial such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc and many more, they also offer different subjects outside Technology courses such as music, language and management courses. However the cost of certification at the end of the course is quite high, but my advice for beginners is to take advantage of the free courses Online, gain the skills you need and plan for certification at a later time.
3. Udemy

There are lots of free courses on Udemy while some come at a cost. For those who prefer audio-visuals they can find lots of video tutorials here. You can also learn other job skills here aside tech skills. They have a well-structured platform.
4. Future Learn

A British Online Learning platform, I came across this platform some years back while seeking language certification, but was pleased to discover that they also offer courses in technology, history, management etc. While I’ve exploited some online courses here, I must say they are not too practical. But it’s a good place to learn IT courses such as cybersecurity, robotics, machine learning etc.
5. edX

This is an open source online learning platform meaning it is absolutely free. You can learn programming and other Computer Science courses. It is a product of MIT and Harvard University collaboration, so you should expect to gain valuable skills here.


6. Code Avengers

With Code Avengers you will learn how to code apps, games and websites in a fun and interactive way. Courses here are available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.
7. Team Tree House

Most of the courses here are in-depth on web development, nevertheless you can still find related course. There are quizzes at the end of the lessons and interactive sections.
8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online learning platform that began in 2006. It also features step by step video tutorials. Web design and development, animation and programming are some of what you can learn here.
9. Udacity

Courses here are similar to what is obtainable in Universities, there is no free practical guide but the course materials are free. To get the full Course experience, you’ll need to pay an amount depending on the course you choose.
10. Lynda

This online course library offers lessons in many areas including Technology. Courses here are paid for, but it is still an affordable option.


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