Memory and Storage

The RAM is the main memory of the computer and it works hand in hand with the processor to enable speedy execution of commands. This means having a sizeable RAM to match your processor speed and type is very important.

One essential function of the Personal Computer is the ability to save and retrieve information. We all want to save as much documents, photos and videos as we need.

The secondary storage (hard disk) differs from the primary memory (RAM) in so many ways, but to make things simple here, the secondary storage is what the computer user (you) uses to store files such as documents, pictures, videos etc. while the primary memory is what the computer itself uses to store instructions it is working on. So if you want to store a lot of files especially graphic files then you’ll need a large storage device. The operating system and some other system software occupy a part of the hard disk space that’s why the user is not allowed access to all sections of the hard disk. Let’s say if you have a hard disk of 500GB installed in your computer system, it may be reading 460GB free space after Operating System and other software may have been installed. So don’t be surprised if you notice that difference in space.

Also your hard disk can be upgraded, that’s to say if you purchase a laptop of 250GB capacity and in the future you need more storage space (probably because you have exhausted the current available storage space) then you can buy a hard disk of 500GB or 1TB and install on your system.


… Still On Secondary Storage



Choosing between hard disk drive and Solid State Drive is an option you need to decide on depending on your priority and needs.

If you have large amount of data to store especially in form of graphics such as pictures, videos etc then you’ll probably go for a Hard Disk Drive as it gives you more storage space (upto a Terabyte) on your personal computer, but if you don’t mind having some of your data in the cloud then you should go for a Solid State Drive, though it comes in smaller capacity compared with the HDD. I’ll advice you go for a PC with SSD while you do your back up in the cloud or a local drive such as an external hard drive because it will save you the stress of internal crashes, also its faster to access an SSD.



Storage is essential, but more essential these days are the ability to store and retrieve from any part of the world. We want our data on the go. This is where ‘the cloud’ comes in, Cloud Computing gives Us access to a whole lot of storage space anywhere, anytime. Also we can retrieve our data easily from the cloud wherever we may be, and most times with which ever device we choose to log in with.


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