data breach useData breaches are becoming widespread despite the undesirable impact of such activities on Organizations and Individuals. Millions of user accounts, personal, financial and work details, even health records keep popping up on the dark web putting Organizations, Clients Continue reading


Staying Safe Online

shopping safeWith the widespread use of smartphones and computing gadgets in addition to the growth and popularity of e-commerce sites such as konga, jumia, jiji etc. We find ourselves most times relying on this Internet services for easy shopping and stress free delivery of goods and household items. Personally I enjoy shopping on konga and jumia Continue reading

Memory and Storage

The RAM is the main memory of the computer and it works hand in hand with the processor to enable speedy execution of commands. This means having a sizeable RAM to match your processor speed and type is very important.

One essential function of the Personal Computer is the ability to save and retrieve information. We all want to save as much documents, photos and videos as we need. Continue reading