Build Web Presence for your Business Today

The use of the web to promote business activities has become a key aspect of every modern day business. People advertise and keep in touch with their customers through the web. There is more to web presence, because once your business is online you can connect with millions of potential customers and networks.

But the question is, how and where do we start?

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Cyber Monday: For Real or a Scam

Talks about how e-commerce sites in Nigeria inflates prices of goods in their websites days to Black Friday, just to give a few discounts to qualify products for a black Friday sales is no more news. With the economy of the country, some sellers don’t have much of a choice when given discounts.

Cyber Monday is a continuation of Black Friday, which is supposed to be specifically for sales of electronics and technology products. With the current confusion and disappointment brought about by most black Friday sales, should we still look out for any valuable sales on Monday? Continue reading


I remember organizing a motivational and empowerment seminar tagged with the title of this post. Now, years later I’m thinking about the success of the program and what really that caption meant to me and the intended audience. Though majority of my audience were teenagers, I never really thought much of this program at that time aside the fact that I wanted to impart knowledge on these kids and help prepare them for the Continue reading

Internet of Things: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

iotIndividuals and Organization make use of small and large networks on a daily basis, most of which are connected to the internet. These days, not only are computers and devices connected to the network but we have electric grids, transportation and smart health care systems, even more gadgets such as smart watches and televisions, all coming together to form the Internet of Things (IoT). With the high rise in use of mobile devices during the past half of a decade, this has given way for smart phones and more gadgets to connect to the internet. The more Continue reading

Top 10 Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks have become epidemic of recent, with millions of individual and organizational data at risk. The past decade experienced a lot of data breaches of which the worst cases are discussed in this post. Though there are thousands of attacks each day with quite a number of successful break in, we have picked out the top ten data breaches to be reviewed here.

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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

Digital Skills have become very essential to Organizations, job seekers and even the self-employed. It’s not debatable that every individual needs digital skills and should get them at all cost especially now when it is relatively free and cheap. You don’t need a University education to acquire these skills, all you need is the willingness and time to stay online.  Continue reading

Staying Safe Online

shopping safeWith the widespread use of smartphones and computing gadgets in addition to the growth and popularity of e-commerce sites such as konga, jumia, jiji etc. We find ourselves most times relying on this Internet services for easy shopping and stress free delivery of goods and household items. Personally I enjoy shopping on konga and jumia Continue reading

Memory and Storage

The RAM is the main memory of the computer and it works hand in hand with the processor to enable speedy execution of commands. This means having a sizeable RAM to match your processor speed and type is very important.

One essential function of the Personal Computer is the ability to save and retrieve information. We all want to save as much documents, photos and videos as we need. Continue reading